Why a different writing curriculum?

Persistent lack of writing skills among incoming college students
Writing skills are commonly deficient among students entering college, indicating that students aren't learning the skills they need while in middle school or high school.

Existing curricula are often focused on mechanics and remediation
An examination of existing writing curricula revealed a largely formulaic approach rooted in a decades-old method designed to patch the deficiencies of incoming college students. Write with WORLD is intended to prevent those deficiencies and to produce students who are discerning readers and critical thinkers, as well as skilled and purposeful writers.

Christians need to be heard in this era of conflicting worldviews
For Christian students, poor communication skills hinder their voice from contributing persuasively and credibly to the conversation in their sphere of influence and the broader public square. Write with WORLD helps students learn to write respectfully and persuasively.

Profusion of new media, in which anyone can be a content creator
Students these days have abundant options for expressing themselves - Facebook, YouTube, blogs, forums, or just texting and email. These distributed media are where so much of contemporary dialogue is taking place, but often without good writing. Write with WORLD teaches skills that work in emails as well as essays.

Today's sophisticated media and messages demand that students be discerning message consumers
According to Barna Research, a majority of evangelical Christian students abandon their faith during their college years. They fall prey to the opposing worldviews that confront them, and they cannot persuasively articulate their own beliefs. Write with WORLD teaches reading and writing skills that take worldview into account.

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