Write with WORLD supports parents and teachers with:

The confidence to teach effectively
Your Write with WORLD parent/teacher handbook explains objectives, methodology, and evaluation for each unit. You see exactly what your students see in their textbook, together with in-context guidance and teaching helps just for you. You benefit from the curriculum developers' many years of experience training educators on effective teaching methods, how to motivate students, and the most effective approaches to evaluation, such as low-stakes grading and portfolio grading.

Teaching with a worldview perspective
Write with WORLD helps your students understand that all writers have a worldview, and that worldviews influence writing from the choice of topic to the underlying assumptions. Write with WORLD will train your students to look for "worldview clues" in writing so that they become discerning readers. The curriculum also aims to help them discover their own voice and to know how to articulate their worldview.

The credibility of professional writers
Students using Write with WORLD are connected to other writers - God's World News and WORLD Magazine journalists, celebrated writing professors, as well as other student authors. Students will benefit from these writers' advice, and from the timely and thoughtful assignments that encourage them to discuss ideas with you.

Sample student writing
The Write with WORLD web site will include selected samples of student writing that you can use as examples for your teaching and evaluation.

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