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Ease of Use

Inspiring teacher confidence

Critical thinking and purpose

Integrated grammar and vocabulary


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As part of field testing the Write With WORLD curriculum, many homeschoolers and Christian school teachers tried out a basic, "pre-production version" of the first-year curriculum textbooks (just content - not even a table of contents or page numbers). These links will take you to a wide array of random, unedited reviews.

The Old Schoolhouse review
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Good things to note:

  • The textbooks are non-consumable (and yes....the production versions of the books include a table of contents and more!). Student work is recorded in a separate notebook, so you can reuse the textbooks. Freshened textbook content, updated writing prompts, examples and more will be available online.
  • While useful for developing critical thinking and for selecting timely subjects as writing prompts, it is not necessary to have God's World News or World Magazine to use the curriculum. But if you do currently subscribe to God's World News or World Magazine, you may enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing Write With World.

User Quotes

Ease of use

As a homeschooling mom of 9 years, I have looked at or used many writing programs. I can honestly say this is one of the least intimidating. With "Write with WORLD", I feel confident with teaching writing. The instructions are clear and the Parent Handbook is helpful and provides notes on how to help your child. Full Review

Very parent friendly. Low-stakes evaluations are encouraged, which means you don't have to spend a lot of time grading and finding every little mistake, instead conversation is encouraged. Personally, I really enjoy talking to my children and listening to them explain to me the things they've learned, so this aspect is VERY appealing to me! Full Review

Inspiring teacher confidence

If you are not supremely confident of your ability to teach writing, the teacher book really is quite an asset. It explains the objectives and methodology for every exercise. It enables you to understand why you are teaching your child what you are teaching her. Full Review

Home school parents can feel confident teaching the mechanics of writing because of the thoroughness of the curriculum. As they challenge students to craft their writing, they cover fundamentals without drill. Full Review

I often have moms ask me, "Is it worth it to purchase the teacher's version?" And in this case, I would definitely say yes! You will want the extra tips, the suggestions, the grading suggestions. Trust me. Full Review

Critical thinking and purpose

I love this writing curriculum. One of my favorite things about it is that the student is asked to think about what they believe and learn to communicate their beliefs effectively. This is so key to the Christian life, and so very important for personal success as well! Full Review

This curriculum is decidedly Christian and teaches children to write with a purpose and to write with a worldview. Of course we all have a worldview. I want my children to write to the glory of God and I think this curriculum will help them to do that. Full Review

Integrated grammar and vocabulary

I like how grammar is incorporated with writing. This way the student is given a purpose for knowing all that "boring stuff" and they don't have as much of an opportunity to forget. Students are also given several new words over the course of a lesson which they need to look up in a dictionary and learn meanings of. These words are used in the context of the text so they are meaningful to the student, not just random words. Full Review

I have immediately seen a difference in Ben's choice of verbs, adverbs and adjectives since completing this unit. In fact, in his co-op writing class recently, his teacher was shocked at a quick writing assignment he completed in class and read before his classmates. She had no idea what we were doing, but the fruit of it was impressive to her. Full Review

Students keep journals for assignments, which include vocabulary help as students are instructed to use a dictionary to look up words in bold print. These are scattered throughout the text and include words such as avid, ambiguous, and extol. They are infrequent enough to keep students from dreading the dictionary, yet still remind them the virtue of knowing what a word means. I've found mine going to the dictionary on his own to look up words that were not required for definitions. This is, quite simply, miraculous. Full Review


20 WORLD staff members from editors to publishers to photojournalists and correspondents have joined with three notable Ph.D's in English and Literature to fashion a complete middle school writing curriculum, and it is outstanding. I wanted more for my children because writing is a tool that can be instrumental in tearing down walls amidst conflict, build up hearts and minds for the cause of Christ, and most importantly, communicate the Gospel with grace and power.

My conclusion to this review of the Write with World curriculum is that it is BY FAR the most helpful, encouraging, stimulating, multi-faceted, and complete writing curriculum I have ever had the privilege of evaluating. This program is sure to be a sought after curriculum for years to come. Full Review

This is the best middle school writing curriculum that I've been able to find and I've searched high and low for one. I love that they actually teach the kids to think before writing. Full Review

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