Write with WORLD motivates students with:

The appeal and relevance of working with current, real-world topics and news stories.
Instead of stale, canned writing prompts, lessons are coupled to real-life experiences, current news stories, and other changing topics to add interest and relevance to the assignments and examples. In many lessons, students can choose the subjects that interest and motivate them.

Meaningful, low-stakes evaluation.
One of the biggest de-motivators to a student is to receive no meaningful feedback about their writing until the very end - and then just a letter grade and some cryptic editorial marks to justify the grade. It is preferable to have regular conferences with the student to assess incremental, low-stakes milestones in their project, and to provide small corrections along the way. Write With WORLD emphasizes low-stakes grading and portfolio grading to teach students to take ownership of their writing, to learn the "why" behind their decisions, and to motivate them to become their own discerning editor.

Tips and guidance from God's World News and WORLD Magazine writers and editors.
Every lesson includes advice or commentary from a God's World News or WORLD Magazine writer, editor, or photojournalist. Students will readily see the practical value of learning the critical thinking and decision-making that go into good communication.

The opportunity to have student writing published online by God's World News.
Write with WORLD students will have the added incentive of being able to submit samples of their writing for possible publication on the Write with WORLD web site. The chance to have their work read by a large audience of other students, teachers and parents adds powerful, real-world motivation for their writing.

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