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Ron Pitcock, General Editor and Author, is the J. Vaughn and Evelyn H. Wilson Honors Fellow at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned his Ph.D. in English and American Literature at the University of Kentucky.

A National Writing Project Fellow, Dr. Pitcock was recently named one of the top 300 professors in the United States by The Princeton Review. Dr. Pitcock has also received the "Promising Researcher Award" from the National Council of Teachers of English and the 2010 Wassenich Award for Mentoring in the TCU Community. His approach to teaching writing has led to multiple teaching awards at the University of Kentucky, Indiana State University, and TCU, where he was named TCU's "Honors Professor of the Year" and chosen by students as the recipient of the 2009 TCU Inspirational Professor Award presented by EECU.

Each summer, Dr. Pitcock spends a month in Europe eating gelato (and teaching Honors students a little too). When he's not traveling the world, he enjoys spending time at the swimming pool with his wife and three children.

Jenny Pitcock, Associate Editor and Author, has served as a writer for God's World News since 2005 and currently serves as a news writer and editor. She earned her Ph.D. in American Literature at the University of Kentucky. She is a Fellow of the National Writing Project and has received teaching awards at the University of Kentucky, most notably the Chancellor's Award for Most Outstanding Teaching Assistant in the University.

A mother of three living in Fort Worth Texas, Dr. Pitcock is an avid reader and freelance writer. She loves nothing more than spending time with her family--though she occasionally sneaks away to Starbucks to relax and read a good book.

Rayshelle Dietrich, Author, lives in Fort Worth with her husband and three energetic children. She earned a doctorate in American Literature from Texas Christian University where she was recognized as an outstanding teacher of composition. When she isn't reading Dr. Seuss with her kids or sneaking veggies into their food, she enjoys doing archival work to recover the diaries and letters of local women.

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